Pre-sales calculations

BUCA has a clear lead over other companies operating in this market.

Axle load, wheel base, centre of gravity and stability calculations - everything can be kept under one roof.

In 90% of all cases, commercial vehicles are customised to meet the owner's requirements. The loading and unloading systems, bodywork and trailers, together with the truck, form a productive combination. BUCA engages in a dialogue with customers to be able to put together ideal combinations for specific transport tasks.

The large variation in the configurations towing and towed chassis, bodywork, and loading and unloading systems requires specialist expertise and know-how. The experience built up at BUCA enables tailored solutions based on know-how to be found in most situations, so we never have to say “no” to customers.

In addition to being able to rely on experience with similar projects, BUCA also devises potential solutions for specific transportation requirements using customised software developed for the sector. These days, the technical specifications of all truck chassis, loading/unloading systems and trailer configurations delivered all over the world are generally available. The software we use is furthermore ideal for applying our know-how to performing detailed calculations on and simulating selected solutions.

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