In the Netherlands, the Working Conditions Decree stipulates that all work equipment that is subject to influences that can lead to deterioration in performance and thus dangerous situations must be periodically inspected to guarantee a good state of repair. The user is responsible for arranging the respective inspections. It is therefore compulsory for you to have your work equipment inspected by an expert at least once per year.

We make a distinction between the first-use inspection and periodical inspections. The "Palkeur" Quality Standard was initiated by Palfinger Holland to establish uniform inspection procedures. Every year, more than 1800 first-use and periodical inspections are carried out in accordance with the procedures of the "Palkeur" Quality Standard. The quality of the inspections and the expertise of the inspectors is monitored in collaboration with the government accredited inspection institute HHC/DRS. BUCA naturally also uses the Palkeur system to inspect other makes of equipment.

First-use Inspection
All new systems supplied by BUCA are subjected to a first-use inspection. Our customers receive an official certificate of the inspection with their “crane logbook”.

Periodical Inspections
Periodical inspections focus primarily on the technical safety of the equipment. The inspectors use set inspection criteria in order to give an independent opinion on the equipment. Inspections that have been carried out are regularly randomly checked to guarantee their quality.

Safety is the key priority. If a system meets the safety requirements, it receives an approval sticker, with which you can demonstrate that it is safe to use.

Cranes, Container Systems and Truck-mounted Forklifts
Are inspected using the PALkeur system. In collaboration with the government accredited inspection institute HHC/DRS, we also carry out TCVT inspections. We can obviously carry out Keboma, TÜV or SGS testing as well.

Tail lifts and loading ramps
Are inspected following the procedures for the LPK (Laadkleppen Periodieke Keuring) under the auspices of the Netherlands Association of Bicycle and Automobile Industries.

Combined with scheduled maintenance
Inspections can be carried out at the same time as scheduled maintenance. Carrying out annual inspections at the same time as scheduled maintenance prevents unnecessary breakdowns and wasting money.

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